This website contains Estonian trusted list according to REGULATION (EU) No 910/2014 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL (eIDAS) Art.22 and a reference to EU Trusted List Browser.

According to Estonian law EUTS § 2 s. 3, Technical Regulatory Authority is the supervisory body as laid down in the eIDAS regulation.

Contact persons:

e-mail: info@tja.ee

eIDAS bodies in Estonia

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications (participation in eIDAS legislative, designates the responsible authorities, and provides funding for the tasks)

Technical Regulatory Authority (supervisory authority according to eIDAS Art. 17: the issuance of trust service licenses and the management of the Estonian Trusted List, as well as compliance monitoring)

Information System Authority

  1. creates technical solutions / platform for accessing e-services. Solutions and standards for digital signing and authentication services.
  2. supervisory authority according to eIDAS Art. 19: collecting, analyzing, solving security incidents and informing them to ENISA.

Police and Border Guard Board (topics related to eIDAS Electronic Identification)